Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snapshot - 1 February 2012

1 February 2012
Today is the first day of retirement.  I know that I announced retirement on January 6, but then I finished a two week intensive.  I graded work from the fall term and this summer, and I worked with a Dmin candidate and worked with a student on her MAR.  Then there were the final documents to Portico to get the Pension setup, new medical cards from Marsh, new cards from Social Security, etc., etc., etc.  So much for retirement.
But Today, I read for fun, I cleaned up email, I threw stuff out from the basement.  There was no pay check in the seminary mail box.  New patterns will emerge.  New expectations will be set, new work will come.  But now I get to choose.  It has already started, a congregational study team, a committee assignment by my bishop all were accepted.  At the same time the calendar got cleared for my grandson coming east to be at the Cal Ripken baseball camp.  He may be in residence for the week, but I’m sure I’ll need my sun glasses to sit in the stands and dream about the future along with him.
Now there is planning for the two classes to be taught this spring and a couple of independent studies, one of which I’ve said yes to.  There needs to be a plan for the books in my office, as there is not nearly enough room at home.  Brochures keep coming for cruises to almost everywhere, but I’m now on a pension.  I’ve planned a budget, but the challenge will be to see how realistic my mind was when it comes to living in [there’s that word again] retirement.  Let’s see if I enjoy tomorrow as much as I’ve enjoyed today.