Sunday, March 1, 2009

1 March 2009 – Sunday

I continue to get asked, “What’s it like to be back?” I know that most are asking about the sabbatical time, but that was almost nine months ago. Occasionally I respond with comments about being back to teaching and working at the seminary, because the adjustment from not having a strict calendar to meeting the schedules of committees, students and classes has been a shock to the system.

I noted in an earlier post that the change in schedule has adjusted the number of visits that I have with my mother. The adjustment to being electronically available has been the most severe, as I’ve gone from 109 to 145 friends on Facebook, and I’ve only initiated one contact. Trying to write (a couple of projects need my attention) is almost as taxing as trying to finish the Doctorate. While I have talked about shedding and shredding, that task continues, as Dawn’s position at the Episcopal Church has come to an end. Both of us are seriously into eliminating the excess of our lives.

Maybe that is the discipline of this Lent. To be about the task of moving forward as unencumbered as possible, Jesus did seem to always travel light. May your Lenten journey be inspired.


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