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Lutheran Quarterly, May 1968   

A Response from Massie L. Kennard

ONE of the strange enigmas of life for me has been the attitude of many

of my white brothers and sisters, who profess the Christian faith to be
heirs, as regards their black brothers and sisters in America. Fully aware
of th
e answers given to this riddle, namely: it is sociological in nature, or
Dr educational or psychological in nature, I am still bewildered when
my white b
rothers and sisters in Christ persist in their attitudes and actions
that are foreign to the attitudes and actions 'Of Christ, their supposed Lord.

Not until. the riots broke out, which was a manifestation of a hurt
within the hearts of black people in America for years and years and
, and the ensuing report of the President's Commission on the Causes
of Rio
ts, were the covers lifted for the white man and woman to reveal a
truth the black man has known since his birth, simply that the white man
ought himself better than the black man. The President's Commission called

it Racism. But, even this revelation does not explain to my satisfacti()nwiy
the white brothe
r, in Christ, who professes the Christian faith, is part and
parcel o
f this evil. Could it be that Christ is not the Lord of my many white
brothers? Could be. I'm inc
lined strongly to think this to be the case. Be-
cause this has been and is s
till the case, Black Power has been born.

Black Power is not white hatred. It is a necessary means to place Black
ica in an equal position with white America. Nothing more, nothing

Black Power is good. Black Power is needed. Black Power is Christian.

Black Power is good because it gives to the black man a dignity and respect
that he
retofore has been denied him. Black Power is needed, not to counter-
act White Power but to help White Power acquire a dignity and respect that
the white ma
n 'has forfeited. Black Power is Christian because it is God-
, just as White Power is God-given.

Black power and You-If you are Christian, maybe it would be wise
to rest
udy the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and see and under-
stand what Jesus was teaching. Then act accordingly. If you are not Christian
he lesson will come harder, but it will come.


                                                                   Massie L. Kennard

                                                                   Board of American Missions, LCA

                                                                   Chicago, IL

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