Friday, April 18, 2008

4/14/2008 – Monday

LTI seminary players are wearing Blue.

I’ve been overdosing on football, not the US version, but the international version. The TV finally figured out a way to turn itself on an hold my interest. It was the news of Zimbabwe or the lack of it after the election and the English Premier League, the Professional Soccer League of South Africa and the National First Division in South Africa. As the season get close to an end the English Premier League games are featured on TV. Each weekend at least two of the PSL games are televised and locally the Pietermaritzburg United Football Club won the Coastal Division. With the stadium a 15 minute walk from campus, and the admission free, this became an easy choice. Next they play in the championships to see if they can move up to the PSL for the next year. Even the LTI student football club has found ways to win in the student league. So I have overdosed on Football, with another dose of United for early May.

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