Friday, April 18, 2008

4/16/2008 - Wednesday

Yesterday during the Stewardship presentation, I had a reflective moment where I wondered out loud whether I would have taken a 5 month teaching experience away from my family, if, I had known all that would take place during that five month period. My initial worries were about my mother, who turned 85 on the Ides of March, but she seems quite fine thank you. Secondarily I was concerned about her brother Melvin, who was settling into assisted living, but he too is doing quite fine.

What was not on my radar screen was the death in Holy Week of my father’s brother Melvin. Yes, I have two uncles named Melvin. A stroke comes suddenly, and when you live alone, it gets complicated rapidly.

Dawn is the oldest of six, and today, Dawn’s brother, Robb who did receive a second liver transplant died. This weekend she is on her way to Florida for the funeral. My California time in July will focus on Melvin’s affairs. It is an interesting question, knowing what I now know, would I have signed up for five months? Peace.

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