Friday, April 25, 2008

4/17/2008 – Thursday

Last week we had graduation. It’s different here. The School of Religion and Theology noted the graduates who received the Bachelors of Theology, the Honors Degree, the Masters of Theology and the Doctor of Philosophy at a special convocation at the LTI. [See picture above] On that same Tuesday evening, the students who had completed the ministerial studies courses earlier, were also honored. These folks had been assigned to congregations by their bishops. The Convocation the Gunther Wittenberg Lecture, which honors a long time faculty member of the LTI. The Speaker this year was a retired Professor of Systematic Theology Klaus Nürnberger, who also taught at the LTI and is still doing research and writing on the relationship of Science and Theology. Nelson Rivera would have sat on the floor like many of the students. [see second photo]

University graduations were yesterday. The main event was held at the Territorial Fair grounds in the center of Pietermaritzburg. Families came and celebrated the accomplisments. Yet for the undergraduates, classes continued as if there was nothing special going on. Maybe its because there are holidays this week and next, which means some students will be taking a week off, as will some faculty members, and squeeze out another holiday. This time I’m staying put.

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