Friday, April 25, 2008

4/22/2007 – Tuesday

Apparently my absentee ballot didn’t make it. When Dawn voted they had a list of those who had voted absentee. My name wasn’t on it. Since I’m near Zimbabwe and there are a number of Zimbabweans on campus, I could generate a heated conversation on the ways that elections can be rigged and votes being meaningless, but I could have voted before I left the states, my bad.

This week I also had deep appreciation for David Wartluft and Karl Krueger. Our Librarian, took vacations days and tied them into two holidays to be able to be gone from tomorrow to May 5. I had assignments that students needed to read. Tuition grants at the seminary do not seem to include a book allowance, and students must make significant use of the library to complete assignments and prepare for class discussions. Even though I brought two books for each of my students, the recommended readings which are on reserve in the library still get a lot of use on the copy machine, with students asking which chapters are the most important.

So I volunteered to keep the library open for a few hours. With two other faculty, the Tönsings, we have finished out this week and will have the library available for students for the two non-holidays next week. The student computer staff person also asked me to keep the anti-virus upgrades going while he is away for the holidays. A little knowledge is a dangerous resource.

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